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.. o get them off the strret so they cannot do it to anyone els" else..."right now, &pinvestigators say the motive is unclear... they were considdring robbery... but nothing was ttken from mason. detectives say they're looking at surveillance camera somethinggto help them catch the suspects.live from shock trauma, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a baltimooe county man is chaaged with stabbing his police arrested john palkenntein monday after the victim's daaghter callee &p9-1-1... saying she was concerned about her mother's welfare.when officers got to found the body of janet palasik covered with a blanket in tte kitchen.he's being held detentionncenter. 3& annapolis police say a store cashier fought off an armed it happened about 6:40 monday ttyy ."a masked man approached a gun and demanded money. the cashier trieedto knock the &pgun from thh robber's hhnd, robber eventually raa from the store. the cashier was not hurt. 3 another water main break has city streees shut down during anotter morning drivee the third major break ttis year looded four bllcks yesterday, and joel
blood... despitthe nas s14 states... thanood el did not ttae placc. typically... the red cross holds about 6-hundred blood drives a ddy. the woman who police believe helled dispose of thh body of p teenaae girl ssoo and killed in baltimore... has turned i49yeldvonal se helling to hid monae urnage's body.thee 13-year-oldddied ii march.two hee whill aying with a gun. alforr is the other of one of the boys accused t cime. she's bei held on the f-i reass al news. .&reinmegood áandá bad & the good news?... crime is down accoss thh country.thh estimated number of violent crimes ádecreesedá or the 5th pear in a roo.and the number of propty crimes decreasedd for a 9th consecutive arbaes ene &psignificaatly in altimmre... the city still ranks in tte toppten for murders before adjusting for popullon. new numbers show a slight improvemen.. ii the dropout rate of balttmore city students. students. its showssat 2-ppiit-fivee perct enreda..stened after 4 years.thht means tte &pdropout rate decreased by 30- percent.the city school leadership says a new tudent i-d prrgram is partialll
and est ostend street.the 51 year old victim was found in herrhome by a pelative.no word on a suspect or a motive at thii time. diagnosed in maryland... may be connected to the case of a traveling hospital worker... accuued of tampering with needles.accooding to the pepartment of health and mental hyggene....testing shows the maryland resident's infection is closely reeated to another strain.meddcal tech ddvid kwiatkowski charres in new ampshireefor tampering with needles and infecting more ttan 30 peoplee the maryland patient was one of more than 17-huudred people who were urged to get tested affer the charges were filed. the patient is o-k..- 3 one week after superstorm sandy victimized the atlantic coast...new dorp beach in of garbage.s in the regioo - - garbage.you can see it piled up in the street... and on lawns.residents are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of destrrction.many have lost everything they own. volunteers are working to deliver foodd water, clothes &p and homeowners are conttnuinn to pick up the pieces ii thh afttrmath of sandy.but thee are being wwrned it could
ave ropped savage... a teenager... el - pccused ii a deadly shooting last month.he was charggd with pilling matthew morrow after a house party ii pasadena.but with the case against him.they man... 18-year-old ronald mmleod. 3an.... eegwater man.... believed to. be... the brothee... of aatress... miaafarrow... is... charged... with... sexuaaly abusing..../ two children... for years. 66-year-old... jjhn charles... villers- farrow... surrended ...to... anne arundel counny.... investigation - fter... two men... came forrard.../ claiming... he molested... them... 3&the... alleged abuse....occurred between... 2000... and 008.../// . . docummnts, .../ indicate.... he... shhweddthe boys... porn.../ and... molested them... in hii home.....hh... cconts... of... sex abuse.... of a minor.. //// and.. perverted practice. more than two dozen people are prreeted in a major drug bust in west baltimore! baltimooe!myraada stephens is livv in west baltimorr with to fight crime. 's latest puuh - city police sayythey started targeting theefrankli
blear - it oysternomics 101. you stt with a u.enor namen. el rreussternomics 101. crf ers, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making delivers to more restaurants... which hire more workers. d th meaoroystermen. itik'she's my friend, ben.s. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. maryland before governor o'malley ut a moratorium in place. today,thh brother of one of the women oken kild is spkkng out. orjoeeis ic stmiivm id taentian explains ittwas 255years ago today... oken began his killing spree. 25 yeaas ago ttday.... steven oken committed his first murr. dmarre garvii ndt e hedd oken would kill two more ooen before he was aught and eventually executed. today the brotherrof oken's first victim is speaking out. out. 3 tookkhhs last breath. oken death row to be exxcuted in i could do agaan iiwould if free rooano is the brothhr of yoreerre wereem:5 25 yyarr ago? well it appened &ptonight 25 yeaas go yyahhi romano's siiter... was esterra3
at the aac el theatrrs in whiie marsh with the first reaction to the film... and some rrasons it still miggt not be the last one! good morning joel d. the twwlight saga: breakiig dawn part 1" earned $283.5 breaking ddwn 2 beeins rolling out in orth america at 10 morring, it will be playing in 4,070 theaters.summit is predicting a more conservattve domestic opening and says breaking dawn 2 is tracking more in line with last year's breaking dawn -- part 1, which grossed $138.1 million on thh same weekend a year ago. breaking daaw 2 has several factors in itssfavor, however. &pitts the final film in the series, which shouud generate americcn box ffice has been popular event titles. 3 3 3- 3 coming up on the early pads.52-100"all day, every day, he'll wake up....... ,3fa" addiction many parents believe theirrchildden are forming. 3 3 ((bump in)) ((ad lib mmteorrlogist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))é map 40 map liberty map 3&pgren 3 3 3 & coming upp.. theeravens pick up a new plaaer. pllyer.the vvteran orner the sot -- 05:50 -- (sob!) ipad! ipad!addiction startiig... at a young age.
skywatch forecast.. emily 3- obama says: "this was a cennral quustion dring the ele. election.next on the late editionthe fiscal cliff... p..and possible tax there may be negotiation...and the one point the prrsident says he will nnt conceee... ...and the mount of damage this eer caused...whee he jumpeddinto frozee yogurt shhp... after the break &pthe... loominggthe... the... looming ...fissallcliff... threatenss ...to... raise taxes... on... áeveryá american.../ byy.. the beginning of next year...////today... ppesident... barack obamm... made hissposition... very clear.../nicole... collins... shows us... tte... president... and... republicans... may... negotiate negotiate 3 &p colllns, fox newss" agreement. in waahington, nicole collins, foxxnews." -3 a... deer... must have really wanted.... yogurt.this... is... surveillance video... at... a... yogurt shhp...///...and... throogh the window.../ - lamming... nto the wall../ thenn.. knocking over... tables and chairs.../ and... --- rrns... - the store.../. we''e
com slash morning. e'el ywihe for grabs!stay tuned to see if your name ii drawn! &pdrawn!and the presidential candidates it the campaign trail harddafter sandy.thh key states they will be in today. you're chfo mog ws.. all lall.ll (bump in)) &psi oa anddrepublican candidate mitt romney get ptheir ampaigns back in full breaas for hurricane sandy. -& statts as they ry and shore uu support with he eloo tters today in las vegas, bouller, collrado and green bay, wisconsin.while witt stops in rhmond, iiginia roanoke and virginia beach. 3&superrtorm sandy haered many state...hard...an election officials aree scrambling to have places for the states hardest hit by the superstorm sandy -- new york aad new jersey-- are tth most ccallenges on elecoo d...ouheve clear it's nnt exactly his highest priority right now. "i'm uch more conccrned aboutt preventing any other loss f &plife, getttng people to safe places, and thee we'll worry about the election. thee &pelection will take care of ittelf."but in the fierce be rst, rk &pregardless f the turnout.the theefivv so-called
sttdentt aae eeting the reel ountry so well. el good morning joel d. 3 p3 &p 3 coming up... carole mmrsberggr... you have just 5 more minuues to call... tooclaim a 100-dollar viia carr.we'll draw another namm in our "thannsgivvaway" conteet... ánext.á you're watching fox 45 mornnnn news.. all &plooal...all morning. ((breaa 5)) 3 ((bump in)) ((ad lii meteorologistt) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 it's our foo45 "thanks givveway" giveaway!!"e're givinn away 1000dollar visa giftcards every hour, everyday on fox45 thanksgiving. 3 you have 15 minutes to call us prize!want tt get your name in &pthe box?go to facebook dot co slash foxbaltimore and click on "cootests" to ill oot the ffrm and read the official pules. coming up... a service ooffreddon "craigslist"... isstempting and why some experts say "be warned." but next... whh ámená re now being encouraged to use at-home pregnancy tests. you're watching fox 455morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 6)) 3 3 new this orning... big ddy for pressdent obama... around 1 o'clock this afttrnoon... he will address the nation about
are wreetling with expected to oppose new risis, spenning wiihoot offsets -&els. a ppane crrshee into a ouse night..ou can see ssoke ast ni3 rising from the site of the crash.it's not yet known what cauued the small plaae to ccash, but ... there were at least... three people aboard....and onn resideet in theeplane is reported to be 3 dead.federrl officials are inveetigating. pizza giant.. papa john's is pawsuit... over unwanted spam - texts.customers nationnide dollar class-action lawsuit chain has sent outta halff million texts.the messages offered pizza deals ... but some ustomers said in theemidd plaintiffs are eeeing 500- get up to 1500-dollars per text if the ury rules papa john's willfully broke the law. theeccmpany's corporate office &pfranchisees. not involved -3 a pet might be a great gift this holidayyseason... d. smith is live at anne arundel county animal before yyo doptt adopt. but iffyou're ready, this could be the best week o do it right joel d.? d.? 3 if you work full-time nd receiie health beneffts and paid sick leave... consider yourself lucky. lucky.roughly
they cannot dooit to anyone els" investtgatoos say the mmtive is unclear... they were considering robbery... but nothing was taken from mason. ddtectives say thee're looking &pat surveillancc camera video... hopinn to find something to helppthem catch the suspects. former baltimore mayor sheila dixon will appear in courtt of violating herrprobation.es - probation. as parr of her plea agreement onntheft nd ordered to pay 45-ttousand court documents show she's 13--houuand ollars bbhind in those payments.on wednesday... we caughh up with her... to hearrher explanation. ((heila dixon)"i'm really just finding out abouu this tried to o my best.. ive ing t3 completed my community service ive made aloo of payments close to 20 thousand anddim working to resolving this" thissddxon is still collecting an 86-thousand dollar a year pension from the city..he's due in court on december 7th... to answer to violatiin of probation chaages. charged with leaking classified govvrnment secrets... will be back in court todaa.he's expected to plead guilty to some of the offenses against him.bradlee manniig
on the government. how many engaged cooples gee to share their happyynews... with the president of the el-anime nd matthew saaniie... two obama campaign staffers .. .got to do... back in auggst... and it's just now surfacing on youtube. the president asked the couple how they got engaged... and after matthew toldd president obama they had been dating for five years...the commanddr and chief... had some sound advicc ccurtess of guy: i'm stressing heee..girl : ut a ring on it.prez: put a ring on it ( he does thh movv) move)president obama also posed foo a picture with the happy ccuple. 3 a holiday traaition entering its 5th decade is happening righh now in hhward county. county. the poinsettia trre is being assembled at the "mall in columbia" jool d. smith s live there phis so ssecial to the people hours they have to worr tooget &pd. 3 3 clluds are looming..but is rainn eaded our waa? wwy?meteorlogist jonathan myers has your skywatch weather forecast...plus.. a look ahead to thee weekend. weekend. you're watchhng fox 45 mmrning news.. aal llcal.. all morning. -3 beep-bop-boop-bop boop-b
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12